The Magic Factory



The Enviromental Park outside Tønsberg is a large site for recycling and renewable energy production, where you will find companies like Norsk Gjenvinning, Vesar and Greve Biogass, among others.


"The Magic Factory» is a biogas plant that recycles food waste and manure into environmentally friendly bio-fuel and valuable organic fertilizer. This plant and its production is a collaboration project between Vesar, Greve Biogas and Lindum that contributes to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting green growth & value in the region.


An Educational Center for Sustainability at the site is already in the works and will educate people towards better source sorting and increased material recycling through information and raising awareness. The centre will be an important tool to reach the goal of 70% material recycling and will offer a inspirational education in authentic surroundings for schoolchildren, teachers and students.